What is Augmented Reality and Blippar? PLUS why WILL it affect your business? INTERVIEW

This is simply fantastic!

Blippar is my favourite app, bar none! (Sorry to all the other apps out there).

The reason I love this so much is that it’s the missing link between offline and online. It’s kind of like magic!

The possibilities are endless with this and it brings a whole new level to the internet and print.

I caught up with Jess butcher who is one of the co-founders of the company to find out more about it and how it IS going to affect people’s businesses.

They already have some SERIOUSLY HEAVY WEIGHT brands under their belt and this is a company that will no doubt become a household name very soon.

In fact they are really pushing us to ‘Blipp’ just like we ‘Tweet’ or ‘Like’ – It’s a great concept and I am really excited to see it evolve!

In fact I think that this will be a $billion dollar business for sure.

Check out the interview here:

You see! I told you this was awesome.

They are almost at the big 1 million downloads and thats within their first year. INCREDIBLE!

Or you can check out their website here: www.Blippar.com

You can also check out their partnership with Budweiser Racing by checking out this article on Scaleogy here.

It’s great to see a British company taking on the dot com giants of Silicon Valley!

I have taken SERIOUS inspiration from this business and I really hope you do as well.



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Love Monaco? Now You Can Take It Everywhere You Go: For $1 Billion!

Do you love Monaco? Who doesn’t right, it’s a pretty awesome place. Well imagine this a yacht based on the streets of Monaco.

The staggering 155m Streets of Monaco yacht is expected to cost over $1.1 billion to build and is modelled on a section of Monte Carlo, Monaco.

A LAVISH new yacht recreating the billionaire’s playground of Monaco is set to become the world’s most expensive yacht.

Currently in the design stage, the super-ship will feature smaller versions of the state’s famous landmarks such as the Monte Carlo Casino and racetrack, as well as swimming pools, tennis courts, a cinema, a go kart track and a Hotel de Paris.

Instead of traditional decks the one-of-a-kind ship will have buildings, and instead of a swimming platform it will have a beach.

Travellers will also spot waterfalls, a swim-in Jacuzzi-bar, helicopters and submarines on board.

The one-of a kind ship could be home to 16 guests and 70 crew with the main apartment spread over three floors and 445 sq m.

Linking upper and lower living areas is the Atrium – featuring seven guest suites, a bathroom, bedroom, dressing room, reception and balcony.

The idea for the super-boat, designed by Yacht Island Design, was sparked by car racing and developed into something more innovative.

“It is basically a floating city,” company director Rob McPherson said.

“The design theme called for a unique yacht that reflected the style and sophistication of the principality.

“We want to create a truly unique environment that could take the principality of Monaco to the ocean.”

The ship will exceed the $1 billion price tag reportedly paid by Roman Abramovich for his Eclipse yacht.

A second creation by Yacht Island Design will be a smaller 85-metre yacht based on a Pacific Island theme.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below:

Source: www.news.com.au

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