The Incredible BeoVision 7 From Bang And Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen have been delivering cutting edge audio and video experiences ever since they started making audio components more than ninety years ago. Building upon that legacy, they now present the BeoVision 7 series of audio and video devices that guarantee the best viewing and listening experience.

Remote & Motorised Viewing Angles:

The BeoVision 7 series is all about making you, the viewer, impressed with the convenience of watching television just the way you want. This is why, the included Beo6 remote has been designed with the best ergonomics enabling you to control everything through it. The experience begins with the viewing angle adjustment feature. The BeoVision 7 has motorised swivels that will help you change the viewing angle so that is perfectly aligned to you. This is not your usual television!

Ambient Sensors: 

The alignment is only half the story because another issue could be the ambient light in your living room affecting the picture clarity. Normally you would have to adjust the brightness or close the curtains but with the Bang&Olufsen BeoVision 7 you just let the built in ambient light sensor take care of that. The sensor will ensure that the screen gets brighter and lighter depending on the light changes that happen in the living room. Enabling you to fully enjoy the High Definition picture on the LED powered 1920X1080 resolution display.

HD & 3D:

The High Definition picture will deliver crystal clear images but why should your enjoyment stop at that?

The BeoVision 7 is designed to take the viewing experience to the next level with its 3D technology. Hollywood began the trend from 2D movies to 3D movies and it is only a matter of time before everything else is delivered in immersive 3D. As of now you can enjoy 3D games as well as 3D movies on Blu-Ray and when all the television shows become 3D too, you know that the BeoVision 7 is ready for it.

Acoustic Lens Technology:

Moving on to sound, there are times when you would have to literally fight to get the right location in the living room for perfect sound effects. When you are watching a movie by yourself, you can sit yourself at that exact location. However, when you are watching movies with family, you want everybody else to get the same amazing experience that you. Well the Beovision 7 has managed to overcome this with their Acoustic Lens Technology.

This technology, which is unique to Bang&Olufsen products, delivers sound on a horizontal plane, directed at the viewers sitting directly in front of the television. Which means that every seat in front of the television becomes the the perfect place for the perfect sound.

Sound Processor:

Bang&Olufsens love affair with sound goes a little further than that. You will not be disappointed to know that the BeoVision 7 has a very powerful, state of the art sound processor built in that enables you to dictate which speaker delivers what sound. For the ultimate bass filled experience when you want to watch an explosive action movie, then you can achieve that true cinema experience by connecting not one, but two sub woofers!

You can find out more about the BeoVision7 and other Bang&Olufsen products via their website:

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Love Monaco? Now You Can Take It Everywhere You Go: For $1 Billion!

Do you love Monaco? Who doesn’t right, it’s a pretty awesome place. Well imagine this a yacht based on the streets of Monaco.

The staggering 155m Streets of Monaco yacht is expected to cost over $1.1 billion to build and is modelled on a section of Monte Carlo, Monaco.

A LAVISH new yacht recreating the billionaire’s playground of Monaco is set to become the world’s most expensive yacht.

Currently in the design stage, the super-ship will feature smaller versions of the state’s famous landmarks such as the Monte Carlo Casino and racetrack, as well as swimming pools, tennis courts, a cinema, a go kart track and a Hotel de Paris.

Instead of traditional decks the one-of-a-kind ship will have buildings, and instead of a swimming platform it will have a beach.

Travellers will also spot waterfalls, a swim-in Jacuzzi-bar, helicopters and submarines on board.

The one-of a kind ship could be home to 16 guests and 70 crew with the main apartment spread over three floors and 445 sq m.

Linking upper and lower living areas is the Atrium – featuring seven guest suites, a bathroom, bedroom, dressing room, reception and balcony.

The idea for the super-boat, designed by Yacht Island Design, was sparked by car racing and developed into something more innovative.

“It is basically a floating city,” company director Rob McPherson said.

“The design theme called for a unique yacht that reflected the style and sophistication of the principality.

“We want to create a truly unique environment that could take the principality of Monaco to the ocean.”

The ship will exceed the $1 billion price tag reportedly paid by Roman Abramovich for his Eclipse yacht.

A second creation by Yacht Island Design will be a smaller 85-metre yacht based on a Pacific Island theme.

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