Fine Wine Investing vs Gold Investing

Fine Wine InvestingInvestments can come in many forms, and arguably most experienced brokers will turn you in the direction of precious metals, but what if you could hone in on your more patient side? That bottle of ‘Faustino 1’ you bought for your significant other this Christmas could well be the answer. A lot more people are wine investing and here’s why:

In the year 1833 the price of an ounce of Gold is registered at around $20, and that same nugget today is worth approximately $1670.

But why is this important?

Because, this shows that the precious metal we all know for it’s tenacious value, has appreciated over 83 times in the last 180 years.

If this excites your investment organs, then perhaps paying attention to how vintage wines have come to be such a centrepiece for opportunists around the world today.

For example, a single bottle of d’Yquem from Sauternes 1787, probably sold retrospectively for $100, will today fetch over $191,000.

Although undrinkable, people will always pay more for something that increases in scarcity, whether it fuels a hobby or for the sake of turning a profit over more time.

Although it seems simple for one to talk about the benefits of wine investing, you should only ever deal with someone you feel you can trust and always do your homework. From the prospective of somebody who wants to invest in wine coming across a rogue could cost you everything, as some commission fees from sellers can swallow up the capital immediately.

Making the decision to invest in wine could be the greatest decision you ever make, but why does it appear to appreciate faster than precious metals?

One of the main reasons is that once a bottle is tainted, opened or smashed, that’s it, it cannot be recovered and in case of any of these events unfortunately happening, others of it’s kind should go up in price.

This doesn’t happen with Gold for example, thus only increasing in price representative of it’s value against other commodities.

Although precious metals are limited due to the impossibility of fusing the elements needed to create them, fine wines are in continuous production, the passing of time that matures their value is out of our control and can create an inevitable investment opportunity. Whether the investment is for personal or commercial intent, there is no doubt that such a commodity won’t go unnoticed to the sharpest of opportunists for centuries to come.

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Sponsored Video: Three Times Le Mans Winner, Rinaldo Capello Goes Up Against A ‘Groundbreaking’ Competitor, But Who Is It?

The automotive industry is changing and developing quicker than ever, with the rapid growth of hybrid vehicles and super cars breaking records almost daily, it’s a very exciting time for Audi to release their ‘piloted drive’ concept.

Audi as a brand has come on leaps and bounds in the last 10-15 years and has now very much secured its name as a prestigious brand in the automotive sector. Taking the extra step with their technology, they are now setting out to fundamentally change the way we operate our cars. They hope to improve the way we use our cars with efforts focussed on the intelligence of the technology and the decisions of the driver.

The way Audi sees driving is that the driver only gets enjoyment out of being able to actually drive the car, it becomes a chore when weaving in and out of heavy traffic and constantly stopping and starting in rush hour traffic. Making decisions can be tiring and often a chore for the driver, so with that in mine they have decided that a step in the right direction for technology would be to hand over responsibility for the mundane tasks involved with driving.

In their eyes, an autopilot, much like one that works at 10,000 meters in commercial jets would make the driving experience better, less tiring and ultimately safer for the driver and passengers travelling in their cars. Drivers can get bored and tired and with human tiredness comes human error so Audis ‘piloted drive’ system is aimed to make our roads safer for everyone.

Audi have been performing tests for a full 15 years at various locations, including race tracks which are the toughest test labs. They have been testing everything from adaptive cruise control to active lane assistance and have proven that they work in mass production. In fact, in the USA, Audi was the first and is still the only car manufacturer to have carried out test drives in real life conditions, and it’s been a huge success. The potential of this technology is vast and it has been proven to work multiple times over.

Check out the promotional video below, where three times Le Mans winner Rinaldo Capello goes up against an RS7 with the piloted drive system.


For more info you can visit the:
Audi YouTube Channel
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