Bentley 6.75 Midnight Carbon, Sheer Class From Breitling

As a tribute to the biggest Bentley engine, the famous 6.75 litre version powering the luxurious Mulsanne limousines, the Bentley 6.75 chronograph from Breitling ramps up the power and the audacity in an entirely black-clad limited series.

This midnight-hued livery, achieved by a special ultra-resistant carbon-based treatment, enhances the sporting style of the satin-brushed steel case with its taut, dynamic lines and its knurled bezel inspired by Bentley’s famous radiator grilles.

The dial also exudes dark elegance, enhanced by a vertical open-worked motif offering a glimpse of the movement.

The caseback springs its own surprise, since the five-spoke motif reprising the distinctive design of Bentley wheel rims also appears in black against the metallic background. The selfwinding chronograph movement, chronometer-certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute), is distinguished by its original “large aperture calendar” system displaying the date in a highly readable manner via two distinct indicators: one for the tens and the other for the units.

Issued in a 1,000-piece limited edition, the Bentley 6.75 Midnight Carbon comes on a rubber strap with a central raised motif echoing that of the bezel. Sheer class, clad in black and signed Breitling for Bentley.

Source: you can also see the Breitling for Bentley Barnato 42 here on

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How To Identify A Real Rolex Watch From A ‘Good’ Fake

Rolex watches are undeniably timeless timepieces. They are classic in their design, many people I know within a certain age range (yes that’s you Mum and Dad!) wear the classic looking Oyster Datejust watch in the photo.

They carry a certain prestige and elegance and they are certainly a good investment (no promises though!) if you get the right one.

So let’s have a look at how you can tell a real Rolex from a ‘good’ fake.

Here are seven basic tips you should know about how to identify a real Rolex.  If you are a Rolex fanatic or an owner, you might just want to skip to the next article on Scaleogy as you already know this (or just incase yours turns out to be a fake!)

TIP NO. 1: Verify the source.

This is simple, make sure that your source is a reliable one. A reputable jeweller or a fine watch dealer will most definitely be able to provide you authentic models only. It’s important to do your due diligence when purchasing any luxury timepiece so always go for a reliable source, talk to people and never just buy from someone selling one on a beach someone in the Costa Del Sol!

TIP NO. 2: Check the back of the watch.

Real Rolex watches will have a case and innards all made of metal, while fake ones will more likely have plastic instead. However, imitations are getting ‘better’ these days, but despite some appearing metal, you cannot expect fake models to last as long as a real Rolex, but then you wouldn’t know that unless you bought the fake so be careful.

TIP NO. 3 Confirm the magnification panel. 

Some of the popular Rolex designs have a magnification panel on the date display. Despite improvement of imitations, fake ones will usually just have a plain glass instead of a magnification panel.

TIP NO. 4: There must be no second hand sound (tick, tick, tick).

Real Rolex watches, just like other fine watches, will have a second hand that does not make a sound because it doesn’t jerk, rather it cleanly sweeps along. If you hear your watch making this ticking sound, then it is definitely not authentic.

TIP NO. 5: It can hardly be cheap.

No matter how much you want to convince yourself that an affordable authentic Rolex watch is certainly a great deal, it remains true that this kind of offer will always involve fake models. Rolex watches are relatively expensive and its value is usually kept despite their age.

TIP NO. 6: Check its resilience to water.

All real Rolex watches are 100% water tight, as you would expect, although only the Submariner model is officially designed for deep sea diving. They are all built to be water proof and perfectly sealed, so any leaking observed after being submerged briefly in water only means what you have is not authentic.

TIP NO. 7: The writing on the dial must be flawless.

With the value Rolex has shown to the industry since 1905, it is impossible to find any imperfection with the details of their craft. Hence, check the writing you see on the dial itself: it should be convex, no bubbling and flawless. If there is anything about it that does not seem right, then you know what to do.

There are of course other methods one can use to guarantee that you are purchasing a real Rolex watch, but if all else fails or you do not think you have enough confidence to trust your own judgment, find a trusted and knowledgeable jeweller to help out.

Buying a Rolex is a real pleasure so make sure you don’t fall for a ‘good’ fake.

Do you own a Rolex or aim to buy one? Let us know your thoughts below…

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