Looking for a lucrative career? Check out these training options

The majority of people agree that having a career you enjoy is the most important aspect of employment. That is all well and good but what if you would like to be able to enjoy a lifestyle with an element of luxury.

If that is your goal then a career with plenty of opportunities for advancement is essential. When it comes to pursuing training and education to help secure a high-earning job, there are many career options to choose from. Top high-earning careers in spite of the bad press over the last few years and the current economic climate, finance is still one of the most recognised fields to go into for career development and high pay.

Unemployment rates are low in the finance sector and financial analysts in particular are in high demand. Analysts earn salaries upwards of £46,000, while financial managers on average take home in excess of six-figures.

Accounting is another in-demand field with average salaries continuing to move upwards even in a slow economy. Accountancy students have a high rate of job offers prior to graduation and having an accounting degree is a first step toward many higher-paying financial disciplines, including financial management.

Financial managers average salaries of nearly £70,000. An accounting degree also offers ample opportunity internationally, as many financial firms and institutions around the world are constantly in need of skilled accountants.

Accounting degrees are available at a wide variety of colleges and universities, as well as online at http://online.bryantstratton.edu/accounting, a popular choice for online education. Many careers in the medical field are high paying and in high-demand. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences are some of the most desirable areas for study. While pay starts around £27,000, salaries move up considerably by mid-career. A bachelor’s in pharmacy can lead to more than simply work behind a pharmacy counter; it can serve as a springboard to a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) or lead to a career as a medical scientist, a career with an annual salary upwards of £46,000. Another option is pharmaceutical sales, where pay over £49,000 is the norm.

Information technology has become more and more prevalent as a desirable career track as computers and digital technology become more and more ingrained in daily life and business. Information systems are an area of study focussing on the implementation of technology within a business or organization. The most lucrative path is as a systems analyst. A skill-set in high demand, systems analysts average £49,000 per year and a good position can be secured with a bachelor’s degree alone.

On the business side of information systems studies, with particular focus on system management, and a degree in information systems, management personnel can expect a six-figure salary. Information systems managers are the highest paid of all computer-related specialists and are in increasing demand.

The luxury of a high-earning career:

Having a high-earning career literally creates a wealth of opportunity when it comes to increasing the quality of one’s life. Living a comfortable, better still a luxury lifestyle requires a dependable source of income to cover basic expenses, as well as the extras that make a life truly luxurious. Choosing a career such as those noted above not only provides high pay but ample opportunities for professional advancement, both through promotion and through further education.

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7 Luxury Gift Ideas for Children

With Christmas just around the corner it’s worth gathering ideas for what to get your children/younger siblings/nieces. Christmas is especially important to children so finding just the right gift is worth spending a bit of time on. Here are some ideas for high-end gifts that are likely to impress, going from cheaper to more expensive.

1.     Designer handbag

Young girls can be easy to please as their taste in jewellery often isn’t well refined yet. If you were to find some stylish magnetic earrings in the £20-£60 range and pair them with a nice handbag (weather you buy a legitimate brand name or a knockoff is up to you) then a young girl is unlikely to be disappointed. As prices for designer handbags can range from the low hundreds to the thousands, but at a knockoff market they can cost a tenner, I will place this at the lower end of the spectrum…

2. Giant teddy bear. What else is there to say!

3.  Full fur attire for winter

One of the coolest, and cutest, gifts you could get for a girl this winter is a combo of faux-fur trapper hat, faux-fur gilet, and lace panel dress. These can be found at Marks & Spencer for under £50 but to find these items in high end retailers could create a long lasting outfit that they could even pass down to their own children. Real fur trapper hats can sell for over £100 and fur gilets sell at Hockley for hundreds. How luxurious you made this gift would be up to you…

4.  A Teepee or Yurt

This one could get you brownie points from the child’s parents, as it will keep the kids outside and out of their hair. Or it’ll allow you more space to yourself. They often retail for £500 upwards for the real deal. Sites such as Hearthworks are the best place to order them.

5. Custom clothing 

There are many young women who would enjoy the idea of designing their own dress. For $800 that is exactly what you can do at FEO Schwarz. The item would have to be shipped from America but this is sure to be a memorable gift.

6. Monster Lava Lamp

Kids love weird lighting features, and buying a giant lava lamp for their room not only will make them ecstatically happy, it will act as a constant reminder of your generosity. The monster size lamps are two meters high and retail at around £3000. If that’s too much, you can get small rocket ship versions from £75. 

 7. Seats at New York Fashion Week

Image: Art Comments

It is possible to buy good seats to watch the runways in New York for around $1,600. If there is a young girl who you are trying to impress, and you have the funds, this may well be the ultimate gift idea. And – including flights and accommodation – it is probably the most expensive.

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