40 Crazy Expensive Gadgets To Buy When You Have More Money Than Sense

So what do you get when you have everything else?
Here is a list of some crazy expensive gadgets which will give you a few ideas.


Price: $25,000,000

This watch by Chopard features three heart-shaped diamonds, the pink weighs 15 carats, the blue weighs 12 carats and the white weighs 11 carats. They are set in a bracelet encrusted with clusters of white pear-shaped diamonds arrange in flower motifs, with a yellow diamond standing up from the center of each. Total caratweight of the white and yellow diamonds is 163 carats, while the total caratweight of the watch is 201 carats.

The watch has a spring-loaded mechanism which, when pressed, allows the three heart shapes to mechanically open up, much the way the petals of a flower will in the sunshine. The watch face, pavé-set with small round yellow diamonds, is exposed from underneath the heart-shaped diamonds. The watch’s pricetag is $25 million.

The specifications for a number of the diamonds are as follows:
- 1 heart-shaped diamond, natural Fancy Pink, Internally Flawess, 15.37 carats.
- 1 heart-shaped diamond, natural Fancy Blue, VS2, 12.79 carats.
- 1 heart-shaped diamond, D color, Flawless, 11.36 carats.
- 3 pear-shaped diamonds, natural Fancy Intense Yellow, 8.45 carats total.
- 26 pear-shaped diamonds, natural Fancy Intense Yellow, 17.07 carats total.
- 48 round diamonds, natural Fancy Yellow, 8.81 carats total.
- 260 pear-shaped diamonds, all D color, Flawless, 60.94 carats total.
- 91 round diamonds, D color, Flawless, 10.29 carats total.
- 443 FC diamonds, natural Fancy Intense Yellow, 4.95 carats total.



Price: $7,944,000


Undoubtably the world’s most unique gadget is the Ipad 2 Gold History Edition. Encrusted with 12.5 cts of ‘I’F’ Flawless diamonds, a magnificent total of 53 individually set sparkling gems dwell beautifully in solid 24ct Apple logo with rear section formed again in 24ct gold weighing an immense 2,000 grams.

The unrivalled imagination towards the craftmanship of the iapd is down to its main front frame which is made from the oldest rock the world has to offer in the form of Ammolite , sourced from Canada this stone is over 75 million years old.

However to make this masterpiece even more individual, sections of a 65 million year old T-REX Dinosaur’s thigh bone was splintered and then shaved into the Ammolite , then finished off with ultimate jewel , as single cut 8.5ct flawless diamond inlaid in its own platinum surround with 12 outer flawless diamonds. A magnificent combination of top of the industry technology and unique thought were involved in creating this piece of History !.

Material spec, 16.5 ct diamonds & 8.5ct single diamond, 57 grams of T-REX bone, 750 grams of Ammolite stone and 2000 grams of solid 24ct Gold. This item is of a limited edition of only 2 units to be made. You can also find other variations of this at www.GoldStriker.co.uk


Price: $4,700,000

Music sounds so much better through these!

Price: $2,000,000

This is the two-person submersible that can descend to a depth of 1,000′. Providing access to underwater features such as coral reefs, shipwrecks, and the sea floor, a completely transparent, climate-controlled 3 1/4″-thick acrylic pressure sphere keeps explorers safe while dipping even into the mesopelagic zone, offering a chance to see exotic, bioluminescent species such as lanternfish.

With a maximum speed of three knots, it is powered by a 120- and 24-volt battery bank that provide up to six hours of continuous undersea adventure. The craft is propelled by two 3-hp main thrusters that provide fore, aft, and directional control and two 3-hp vertical/translational thrusters that provide up, down, and lateral control.

A centrally located joystick with independent main and vertical/translational thruster controls enables precise positioning near undersea attractions. The craft’s dual-pontoon structure and broad freeboard ensure superior surface stability, even in high sea conditions. While submerged, four external 150-watt quart-halogen lamps illuminate subjects while a xenon strobe light and RF beacon alerts others of the craft’s whereabouts.

The 56 3/4″-diameter sphere’s inner diameter enables comfortable, upright seating for passengers. A VHF radio provides surfaced communication and its underwater telephone communicates while submerged. It is equipped with a suite of standard instrumentation, including a barometer, thermometer, hygrometer, depth gauges, fluxgate and magnetic compasses, mechanical clinometers, pressure gauges, and a GPS receiver. Fully classified and certified as a +A1 passenger-carrying manned submersible by the American Bureau of Shipping. Includes comprehensive training. 10 1/2′ L x 8 1/2′ W x 6 1/4′ H. (6,600 lbs.)

Price: $2,000,000

Dark Knight fans with $2 million hanging around can make their friends jealous by installing a high-tech, Batman-inspired screening room into their home, which features a Batmobile hidden behind bookshelves, life-size Batsuits and more.

The Dark Knight Home theater — a concept by Elite Home Theater Seating (Elite HTS) — is currently being built into a 12,000 sq. ft. home in Greenwich, Conn. It’s scheduled to be ready by November 2012.

In addition to a 180-inch movie screen, the room includes a series of accessories inspired by the film such as gargoyles and a cylinder-shaped elevator, which touts the bat symbol. To take the concept to the next level, Batman’s Tumbler vehicle is hidden behind bookshelves and a mock exit is created to look like a secret tunnel spanning about 30 feet.


Price: $1,350,000

This video explains all you need to know! I want one!!


Price: $1,195,000



Phibian is the largest wheeled High Speed Amphibian (HSA), ever created. Capable of highway speeds on land and in excess of 30mph on water, the Phibian enables excellent marine, highway and offroad performance. It is also able to carry 1500kg of cargo or 15 passengers. Designed as the platform of the future for many amphibious purposes including for first responders and rescue.

Price: $1,000,000

This is PT-728, a 66 1/2 year-old restored Patrol Torpedo Boat from World War II. With a keel laid on August 10, 1945, she is one of 12 remaining PT boats in the world. She is “armed” (all weapons are deactivated) with a single .50- and two twin .50-caliber Browning machine gun stations, an aft 20mm Oerlikon cannon, four tubes that each housed a Mark VIII torpedo, and two depth charge launchers.

Built in the Annapolis Yacht Yard using a 72′ British Vosper design, her hard-chined, triple-ply mahogany hull is nearly flat at the stern, allowing her to “plane” on top of the water at speeds up to 42 knots, a necessity for quick getaways after a torpedo run.

So compelling was a PT boat’s performance that Nelson Rockefeller converted one into a high-speed yacht for commutes between Albany and New York City. Updated with modern electronics, radar, and two turbo-charged diesel engines providing 1,100 total horsepower, she is the only PT boat in existence licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard for carrying passengers. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply.


Price: $2,939.99

Product Description Get ready to battle the dark side with the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon, Lego Star Wars Set 10179. One of Lucas Licensing’s favorite Star Wars models in 2007, this replica of Han Solo’s famous starship is crafted from over 5,000 Lego pieces. With so many little pieces and such unbelievable detailing, the Millennium Falcon is recommended for advanced Lego builders ages 16 and up.

Price: $350,000

Designed by a team of MIT graduates, this is the vehicle that converts from a street-legal automobile to a Light Sport aircraft in 30 seconds.

A 100 hp, four-cylinder engine powers both the craft’s three-bladed propeller for a maximum airspeed of 115 mph and its continuously variable transmission, rear-wheel drive to above 65 mph when on the road. When the wings are folded, the craft easily stores in a home’s garage. It can be driven to one’s preferred airfield on four DOT-approved tires with full road suspension.

An electro-mechanical system is activated from inside the two-person cockpit to deploy the self-locking wings into place for take-off provided by a 1,700′ runway. Built to fly within VFR conditions, sophisticated modern avionics aid navigation from a touch-screen LCD. Dual pedals and a joystick manage the craft’s flight control surfaces–dual rudders, ailerons, and stabilator–while a steering wheel, accelerator, and brake control its road movement.

Its 23-gallon gas tank provides a 425 nautical mile range (35 mpg on the road), indispensable for easy day trips from Long Island to Martha’s Vineyard. Carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum construction. Includes comprehensive familiarization with craft. Requires a Sport Pilot Certificate. Special conditions and guarantee

Price: $130,000

The gadget enlivens up the environment and makes it delightful. The 20 carat diamond TV incorporates 160 diamonds on its periphery. The wonderful diamond studded tv comes in 32, 37, 40, 46 and 52-inches. The Gadgetis designed by Japanese designer Takahide Sano and has high definition picture format.

Price: $103,264

This rather random watch got its inspiration from the poison dart frogs of South America.

Price: $104,744

These guys make stunning bikes. BUT don’t leave them outside your house for too long!

Price: $3,999.99

What can we say about this!

Price: $65,000

This videos shows you this monster in action!


Price: $60,000

This is the state-of-the-art moving simulator that provides the most realistic stock car racing experience available.

Using the same kind of moving platform mechanics found in museum simulators, electric actuators built into the base cause the simulator to roll and pitch, faithfully reproducing actual racing conditions such as entering a turn or moving up a bank–it even raises and lowers during tire changes.

The cockpit’s fluid-dampened steering wheel creates the same feel as driving a real stock car, providing subtle smoothness unlike force-feedback wheels. Behind the wheel are two paddle gear shifters–the same ones used in real race cars. The aluminum accelerator, brake, and clutch pedals each adjust for resistance.

A 5.1 sound system surrounds racers in realistic audio while in the padded racing seat. ARCA Sim Racing, the world’s pre-eminent stock car racing simulation software, comes on an included gaming PC. Racers careen around 21 legendary stock courses, such as Daytona International Speedway and New Jersey Motorsports Park. Realistic graphics are displayed on a 22″ wide-screen LCD monitor that provides 1680 x 1050 resolution.

A decaled, fiberglass shell and netted windows covers its steel frame roll cage.


Price: $55,000



Price: $50,000

This is the boat with a built-in barbecue grill, umbrella, and trolling motor that provides waterborne cookouts for up to 10 adults.

The boat’s 24″-diam. steel charcoal grill is surrounded by an ABS table with 10 place settings that each have a recessed plate holder, three beverage holders, and silverware tray. Six compartments beneath the ABS seats store food and supplies for all-day cookouts. The 11′-diam. nylon umbrella can be retracted when using the grill.

Its 30-watt electric trolling motor enables operators to maneuver up to 2 1/2 mph through calm water and alongside docks for loading/unloading. The motor’s four rechargeable batteries provide up to eight hours of continuous use from a 10-hour charge. Polyethylene hull. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply.


Price: $35,000


This is the Whac-A-Mole game that can be personalized to replace the standard mole heads with molded caricatures using pictures of members of your family, past managers, boyfriends/girlfriends, or any desired combination of personalities.

The game operates exactly like the ones found in amusement parks and carnivals–five mole heads pop up randomly while you attempt to bash each with a mallet for points–but this one comes in a walnut veneer cabinet (with hardwood inlays) that automatically opens and closes at the touch of a button from the included remote.

When closed, the game assumes the form of a bookshelf, but when commanded to open, both halves swing open to reveal the game, complete with full-color artwork. A storage shelf for your preferred beverages sits above the game, so libation is always at an arm’s reach. Scoring is kept just as it is in the original game using a three-digit LCD. Built-in speakers provide authentic sound effects. Includes two padded leather mallets.


Price: $32,995

The Medium Format Hasselblad H4D-60 camera uses an extra large sensor with an impressive number of pixels, to support the shallow depth-of-field shooting that characterizes so much high-end shooting, and to provide the ultra-high resolution demanded by today’s most discerning professionals.

The H4D-60 is the ultimate photographic tool for the serious commercial photographer demanding unsurpassed results.


Price: $44,750

Hand built to your requirements, the Emperor 200 is the ultimate computer workstation with several exclusive features such as touch screen control center, air filtering system, light therapy, electric powered leather seat, up to 3 x 27″ LED screens and a breathtaking sound! Be bold and unique!

Dry Water Jet Massager

Price: $29,500

Used at five-star resort spas, this device provides a full-body water jet massage without getting you wet, and uses aromatherapy, relaxing audio, and video to soothe your tactile, olfactory, auditory, and optical senses.

While your head rests comfortably on a headrest outside of the unit, 28 nozzles inside the canopy deliver precise, invigorating streams of water that replicate the principles of shiatsu, or “finger pressure” massage, as they strike the pliable polymer sheet that provides a waterproof barrier between you and the nozzles (allowing use while completely clothed).

Controlled by 28 microprocessors, the pulsating water jets relieve sore muscles and joints from your shoulders to your ankles, faithfully recreating the deep-penetrating percussion techniques favored by professional massage therapists. You can adjust the water pressure, temperature (75° to 105° F), and pulse intervals (2 to 10 cycles per second), and program the device to concentrate on specific muscle groups with a touch of the LCD control panel. The sloping headrest has a massage-table style face opening that allows you to lie prone and watch the integrated 7″ LCD screen with DVD player in comfort.

You can connect an iPod or CD player and listen to your music of choice via the included headphones from Bose. Incorporating the 6,000 year old practice of aromatherapy, the unit has an integrated aroma diffuser that releases subtle scents from essential oils that can enhance your mood and promote relaxation. The device does not require special installation or plumbing; simply fill the reservoir with 20 gallons of distilled water and plug it into an AC outlet.


Price: $25,000

Transform any pool table into a digitally-enhanced video experience. High-definition imagery responds in real-time to every shot. User-selectable themes yield infinite possibilities. As seen in the Paradise Tower Penthouse, Hard Rock Hotel & CasinoTM, Las Vegas and the Esquire SoHo apartment.

Price: $24,000


This is the 6 1/2-foot, animatronic remote-controlled version of the B-9 Environmental Control Robot from the classic Lost In Space television series that ran from 1965 to 1968. Every detail of the original robot is faithfully reproduced from original archival molds, patterns and blueprints. It is made from fiberglass, acrylic, aluminum, and steel parts, including its rotating torso and radar head, flashing lights, animated ear sensors, and clawed arms.

It can be operated using the included remote control, allowing you to move its torso left and right and activate the robot’s soil sampler (which comes out of its right tread housing and spins; the robot provides an audible environmental analysis thereafter). The robot has a 240-watt audio system, and speaks 511 pre-recorded phrases performed by Richard Tufeld, the original voice of the robot from the television series (including such familiar phrases as “Danger Will Robinson!”) Pulling the robot’s power pack causes it to utter “Aaghhhhhh…” just as it did in the TV series when being shut-down; plugging it back in prompts it to say “Who turned out the lights?”


Price: $20,000

Feeling like your SUV blends into the crowd? In need of something to transport your groceries by day and serve as a mobile party or arsenal by night? Meet the Badonkadonk, a one-of-a-kind “armored land cruiser/recreational tank”.

To look at it, one might think it to be a hovercraft, but in fact it runs on four off-road wheels, concealed by a unique industrial-strength rubberized flexible skirt that shields and protects the wheels to within an inch of the ground, while still allowing for enough flex to give clearance over bumpy and uneven terrain. The roof of the Donk features a guard rail and durable rubber matting, making it the ideal place to carry up to 3 friends or several hundred pounds of cargo.

Slide open the roof hatch and you’ll find the interior fully carped and cozy, with accent lighting, glove box, controls and room to seat up to 4 people, or 2 comfortably.


Price: $18,000

Bring the drama of deep space dogfights to life with the Deep Space Fighter Bed and Galaxy Mural. Enjoy the nostalgia of intergalactic battle by teleporting your bedroom to the farthest reaches of your imagination and beyond.

Your star ship bed can be designed to your unique specifications, and the supporting wall mural can depict anything from an army of elite soldiers marching into battle to a squadron of deep space fighter ships. Your child can become the new hero of the galaxy and cherish their unique bed for generations.

Price: $17,000

This is the unmanned water skiing boat that’s controlled entirely by the skier. A six-button control panel on the tow rope handle sends signals to the boat, allowing skiers to start, accelerate, decelerate, turn, or stop the vessel with slight thumb movements.

The nearly 8′-long boat has a three-cylinder, two-stroke 70 horsepower engine with jet pump and axial flow propulsion, generating speeds up to 40 MPH and creating wakes for jumps and other tricks.

The jet propulsion engine is safer than propeller-powered crafts and provides superior acceleration and quicker planing–the time required to bring the skier and vessel level with the water surface. The tri-hull boat is made from durable fiberglass and molded plastic and it has a bilge pump that automatically removes water from the vessel.

The boat has a six-gallon gas tank and it automatically stops when the skier lets go of the handle. Includes a 40′-long tow rope. For use in water that’s at least 6′ deep, the boat is also ideal for slalom skiing, knee boarding, wake boarding, or tubing.

Price: $11,000


Identical to the classic units found in amusement parks, arcades, and boardwalks, this is the photo booth that can take and print a four-frame strip of pictures in 16 seconds. Unlike prior models that used chemical processes to develop pictures, this one uses a thermal printer exclusively designed by Polaroid, producing 2″ H x 2″ W 72-dpi monochrome images.

The booth works just like its predecessors; individuals, couples, or groups press a button and pose for each of four pictures, taken in five-second intervals. The booth comes with two rolls of film that provide up to 3,200 pictures (or 800 sessions of four-frame photo strips). The booth is made of powder-coated 14-gauge steel.


Price: $10,500

Dimension is approx 270 x 150 x 180 cm ( height x length x width)
Weight is approx 500 kg. Made in Thailand.

- It made from recycled metal, useless auto parts&machine.
- Coating metal sculpture by lacquer, protect from “Rust”.


Price: $10,000

Assembled from the finest components available, this is the German-engineered bicycle designed for distance touring. Made in Munich, the 48-volt Lithium-Ion battery integrates with the 250-watt motor for a maximum speed of 17 mph, providing a 125-mile range on a single charge that enables round-trips between Nordlingen and Dinkelsbuhl on the Romantic Road.

The battery can recharge 80% of its capacity in 30 minutes–plenty of time to enjoy a Radler during a rest stop. Handlebar control manages the 5-speed hub gear system to handle climbing as easily as flat cruising. The unique aluminum and carbon-fiber frame’s design is taken from a 1930s BMW R61 motorcycle, bearing riders up to 330 lbs. For long rides in complete comfort, its leather spring saddle is handmade by a Dutch concern renowned for 113 years as the world’s premier saddle maker.

The hydraulic front brake and disc rear brake are made by a company specializing in hydraulic and mechanical engineering for 117 years, providing confident stops in all weathers. Providing superior traction with minimal rolling resistance, the 2 1/4″ wide x 26″ diam. tires are crafted by a manufacturer that has supplied tires to the motorcycling industry for 48 years. Front and rear fenders protect riders from dirt and mud.


Price: $6,400

Introducing Numi, Kohler’s most advanced toilet.
The Numi toilet combines unmatched design, technology and engineering to bring you the finest in personal comfort and cleansing. From its striking form and features to its unrivaled water efficiency, the Numi toilet marks a new standard of excellence in the bathroom.


Price: $15,774

Jarre Technologies® is a cutting-edge brand for technological Lifestyle, home-entertainment products, embodying contemporary style, simplicity and optimal performance. It’s range of high-end, affordable products is dedicated to restoring emotion in how we experience sound and vision in the comfort of our interiors. Jean Michel Jarre is renowned in his successful career for having broken new ground in music and concert performance: with Jarre Technologies®, a new page in experiencing and sharing home-entertainment is un-folding.


Price: $5,250

If a technology is not suitable for music, you should not adopt it even if it is a high-tech.
Every technology should contribute to music reproduction.
The SR-009 is the product of the repeated research trip to technology and material search without deviating from our stance to return to live sound and music always with refined sensitivity.

It will exactly be as a result of “work” each predecessor piled up, if a race, a company, and an individual have “pride”. And it clearly depends on the way of life we live now to inherit it and to bear “enhancement” and “evolution.” Simply this is proven by the fact that the state-of-the-art technologies in the world exist intensively in present-day Japan . Making valuable new things full of creativity by skillfully taking advantage of these technologies has given birth to a “millennium” earspeaker (electrostatic headphone).


Price: $5,000+



Price: $5,000

An instant conversation starter, this unique retro gaming inspired couch will be the highlight of any room. Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California; to insure the highest build quality. It features and all fine leather pixelated retro design, a low profile, and memory foam cushions. This is a limited production and will only be available for a short time.

Price: $190,000

This is the hovercraft that glides over land and water yet also soars in the air up to 70 mph with the aid of integrated wings. A 130-hp twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled gasoline engine — turbocharged and fuel-injected — drives its 60″ wood/carbon composite thrust propeller while a 1,100-rpm 34″ lift fan inflates its durable vinyl-coated nylon skirt for hovering above the ground. Operating in fresh- or saltwater and up to 30% inclines over sand, mud, grass, swamp, desert, ice, and snow, its wings and horizontal elevator enable pilots to simply hop over water- or land-based obstacles up to 20′-high unsurmountable to a typical hovercraft.

A joystick controls three vertical rudders and the elevator, a twist friction-lock throttle controls forward speed, and a variable drive system controls the lift fan for hovering. Braking is provided by lowering the lift fan’s rpms; comes to rest on Kevlar composite landing skids. Its low center of gravity and composite fiberglass/PVC hull enable it to operate in winds up to 25 mph and waves up to 6′ when in flight. Two nine-gallon gasoline tanks provide a 160-mile range. Supports pilot/passenger payloads up to 600 lbs. for flight. Requires registration as a boat.

Price: $4,000


BOXX ® The One Meter Vehicle. An Emission Free all electric roadworthy device vehicle. Anyone can ride a BOXX ®. Designed as a primary transportation device or an accessory to your car, BOXX ® gets you where your going conveniently and easily. Park it on the street, in your garage or bring it inside. Charge it with your standard wall outlet. Take it anywhere, its versitle and portable


Price: $65,000


Imagine your friends and family enjoying a BBQ while sitting on your new custom tiled patio. The kids are playing, the adults are enjoying a beautiful afternoon and the party is in full swing. As all your land activities are concluding, it’s time to go swimming. You go to your control panel, insert the key, and enter your personal security code.

Your friends and family watch in amazement as your patio begins to lower into the ground. Suddenly, pristine water begins to rush over the patio surface, and what was once your beautiful patio has now become the floor to your new Hidden Water Pool.


Price: $3,999.99


Well.. It is what it is!


Exquisitely rendered in leather by the UD Replicas’ team, this Movie Replica garment  also features Kevlar inserts and adjustable sections setting a new standard in leather garment manufacturing.  Make no mistake, this is not a costume. While paying tribute to all the on-screen design elements, our suit is engineered for the serious motorcycle rider, offering a level of protection and flare the Dark Knight himself would approve of.

Keep hustling ;)


Source: Mashable.

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Photo credit: Bugatti
Photo credit: Bugatti
Photo credit: Bugatti
Photo credit: Bugatti
Photo credit: Bugatti
Photo credit: Bugatti
Photo credit: Bugatti

Auto China Beijing 2014 – World premiere for “Black Bess”

Here are the exclusive shots from the first Press Day at the Auto China in Bejing.

With its fifth model in the six-part “Les Légendes de Bugatti” (Bugatti Legends) Edition, Bugatti has revived the legendary Type 18 “Black Bess”, which went down in automotive history as one of the first ever street legal super sports cars. At the upcoming Auto China motor show in Beijing (from 21 to 29 April) the French luxury manufacturer will be presenting as a world premiere the modern interpretation of the Type 18, the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse “Black Bess”.

As one of the fastest road vehicles in the world at the time, the Type 18 “Black Bess” is a direct forerunner of today’s world speed record-holding Bugatti Veyron.

Fuel consumption, l/100km: 37.2 in urban areas / 14.9 in extra urban areas / 23.1 combined; combined CO2 emissions g/km: 539; efficiency class: G

Source: Facebook.com/bugatti

What do you think of this incredible machine?

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